A cookie cutter approach to financial planning and investment management doesn’t effectively address your unique retirement goals. At Botkin Family Wealth Management, we take time to get to know you and your family – and your dreams for the future – before we recommend an investment strategy. Our three-step financial planning process is unintimidating, informative for both you and us, and effective.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

During our initial meeting, which typically lasts about one hour, we discuss your current situation, your feelings about investing and market volatility (risk tolerance), and your financial goals. These may include wanting to retire at age 62, wishing to fund a child’s or grandchild’s education, or purchasing a second home. We talk with you about what you’re looking for in your financial advisor and about how we work with our clients. If at the end of our meeting we agree that it makes sense to move forward together, then Botkin Family Wealth Management gets to work on your personalized, written financial plan.

Step 2: We Present Your Financial Plan

Using the information we gathered during our initial meeting, we take 1–2 weeks to create your written financial plan. We reconvene to present your plan, which lays out your goals and a personalized strategy for how to reach them. Also detailed in your plan is complete disclosure of the fees associated with becoming a client. This plan is yours to take home, review, and discuss. If you are in agreement with our recommendations, then we welcome you as a client of Botkin Family Wealth Management. If you decide to go in another direction, then we part as friends. Les, Sara, and Lester of Botkin Family Wealth Management are low-pressure and easy to talk with.

Step 3: Implementation and Ongoing Monitoring

When you tell us that you’re comfortable with our recommendations and that you’d like us to proceed, then we meet to complete paperwork necessary to open and transfer your accounts. Once your investment portfolio has been established, we have a plan in place to ensure continuous monitoring of your investments and proactive communication with you. This includes quarterly phone calls to update you on your progress and find out about any changes in your circumstances or goals, regular email updates with relevant financial planning information, opportunities to attend education events, and annual in-person review meetings. Additional contact is always available according to your needs.