We enjoy seeing you and know how important it is to stay in touch! That’s why Botkin Family Wealth Management hosts relevant, entertaining and meaningful client events throughout the year. We offer a mix of in-person events and frequent client conference calls on various topics of interest. See below for an example of our programs, exclusively for clients.


Every July we welcome our clients, as well as their children and grandchildren, to celebrate summer with us. Enjoy all you can eat on us from six delectable food trucks – past participants have included Totopo Mexican, Just Roll’d Up Sushi and Poke, Caribbean Vybz, Burgh Bites by Brick and Mortar, Wood Stoked Oven Pizza, Bado’s, Mission Mahi, Graeter’s Ice Cream and Millie’s Ice Cream. Balloon artists, air brush tattoo artists and caricature artists are on hand for your fun and entertainment, and lawn games are out for some friendly competition.

Client conference calls

During the pandemic, we paused our in-person events, but staying in touch with our clients was important than ever.  To that end, we began hosting conference calls, open to all clients, about various topics of interest. We are grateful for the wonderful response we’ve had to our calls, which are an opportunity for us to discuss important current issues and have questions and concerns addressed, and we’ve now made them a regular part of our practice. Below is selection of past calls we’ve hosted.

November, 2022: Let’s talk about the mid-term elections and what the results may mean for markets and our strategy moving forward. We’re proud to welcome Phil Orlando, CFA(r), Federated Hermes’ chief equity strategist and head of its Client Portfolio Management team, as our guest speaker. Mr. Orlando has over 40 years of industry experience and is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Given the importance of Pennsylvania’s election results, we wanted to partner with a speaker with a local connection, and we’re grateful for Pittsburgh-based Federated Investors and our long-time colleague Ed Koontz for connecting Mr. Orlando with our clients.

October, 2022: Understanding your social security options. We welcomed guest speaker J. Patrick Clunan, Manager of the Learning Center of Columbia Threadneedle Investments, to share a program that covered 1) the background of the social security system and important terms to understand; 2) changes to the social security system; 3) planning strategies to maximize social security income; 4) forecasting the health and future look of the social security system.

September, 2022: Navigating Market Turbulence. We understand that market downturns can be stressful for investors, and during this call we discussed the economy, the stock and bond markets, and our strategies for navigating the current environment.

May, 2022: Economic and Market Outlook. We welcomed Linda Duessel, CFA(r), CPA, CFP(r), Senior Equity Strategist with Federated Hermes, as our guest speaker.

March, 2022: Cyber and personal security. We welcomed guest speaker Gary Rossi of Fidelity Investments to tell us how to make ourselves a difficult target for cybercriminals, understand and protect our digital footprint, protect loved ones from elder scams, keep our homes safe and secure and travel safely. Mr. Rossi has over 30 years of experience as a private sector and law enforcement security professional. We thank our long-time colleague Gus Engel of Fidelity Investments for connecting our clients with Mr. Rossi.

February, 2022: A discussion about markets, volatility and our shared investment philosophy.

January, 2022: Outlook for the New Year

November, 2021: Big Ideas: Investing in disruptive innovation. During this call we welcomed guest speaker Rebecca Burke, Vice President with ARK Invest, to explore d 1) multi-cancer screening and its potential to prevent more cancer deaths than any medical intervention in history; 2) digital wallets and how they may upend traditional banking and 3) autonomous vehicles and ride-hailing and how these may reduce the cost of mobility and dominate urban transport. This was a fascinating discussion about exciting technologies of the future.

October, 2021: Strategies for maximizing your social security benefits, what to watch out for, rules of spousal and survivor benefits, opportunities to increase your benefits and much more.

June, 2021: What is cryptocurrency? Over the past year, we’ve received more and more inquiries from clients about cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. How does it work? What should I know about it? We want to keep you in the know, so we hosted this discussion to discuss cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

February, 2021: Long term care insurance is a strategy to help protect your assets in the event you need long term care. During this discussion we shared information about different types of care, the average cost in our area, and what you can do to prepare for it.

January, 2021: Election results and 2021 outlook. During this call we offered an overview of the new administration’s proposed policies and their potential impact on your money.

September, 2020: The upcoming presidential election. During this nonpartisan discussion, we shared the candidates’ proposed policies, their potential effect on investors, and historical perspective about the impact of politics on the markets.

June, 2020: COVID-19 and its impact on the economy and markets. This was an open discussion to address your questions and concerns.

May, 2020: COVID-19 and its impact on the economy and markets.

April, 2020: We were excited to offer clients the opportunity to join Dr. Sanjay Gupta on a webcast this month to discuss what everyday life may look like as we plan for a post-pandemic world. We thank our partners at American Century for extending us this unique opportunity to connect our clients with Dr. Gupta for advice and assurance during this tumultuous time.



Our past in-person client dinner and lunch-and-learn events have included:


Yes! You Can Raise Financially Aware Kids.

At Botkin Family Wealth Management, we know that your financial well-being is of the utmost importance to a happy, secure life.  And we know that you want the same for the young people you care about. During this program, we discussed what kids from preschoolers to teens need to know to be financially successful and how you can best share this important information with them at different ages.


Market Insights

Botkin Family Wealth Management is proactive when it comes to addressing client concerns about the markets.  During this period of volatility, we gathered to offer perspective on the markets over time, what to expect moving forward, and to address questions and concerns.


Market Know-How: Insights and Implementation 

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed Sean Lally, Regional Director at Goldman Sachs, for a discussion of the markets and the economic outlook.


Understanding Retirement Health Care Expenses

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed guest speaker Ed Weingartner, Regional Vice President with Ohio National Financial Services, for a discussion about Medicare.  During this program, we learned about the different parts of Medicare, including what they cover and cost.  In this interactive presentation, we discussed factors to consider as you compare various plans, as well as the logistics of signing up for Medicare.  We reviewed case studies that illustrate how couples of various circumstances handle the cost of insurance during retirement.  


Risk Revision: Embracing risk as an opportunity

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed guest speaker John Manley, Chief Equity Strategist with Wells Fargo, for this informative and interactive presentation.

The way forward is to remember that risk can be an investment opportunity – though risk needs to be managed. By revising how you think about risk and opportunity, you have the potential to better align your investment decisions with your goals and gain confidence in your portfolio strategy. Mr. Manley discussed opportunities in world and U.S. economies and answered questions from our attendees.


Securing Your Retirement: A Special Seminar on Social Security

As you approach retirement, it is more important than ever to understand the role that social security benefits can play in your overall retirement income plan.  This program covered:

  • How social security benefits work for you and your spouse
  • When and how to start receiving social security benefits
  • Opportunities to increase your benefits throughout retirement

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed guest speaker Rob Kron, head of retirement education for Blackrock, to present this interactive and informative program.


How to Feel Like a Million Bucks

Your financial well being is important to living your best life. But what’s even more important? Your health, of course. We hosted a lunch-and-learn event with Susan Ceklosky, licensed sports nutritionist and owner of Positively Fit U, to discuss three simple strategies you can implement today to look and feel better.