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Learning from the Lessons of Time

The market volatility we experienced in the final quarter of 2018 was nerve wracking for many investors.  To help address this, we’ve put together an educational program to offer historical perspective and to address your questions and concerns.  Below are the details.

When:             Tuesday, January 15 at 6 pm

Where:            Atria’s Restaurant, 4059 Washington Road, Peters Township

What:              Learning From the Lessons of Time

RSVP:             To Danielle Wilson at 724-941-1737

Botkin Family Wealth Management is pleased to welcome as our guest speaker Ricky Ruiz, CIMA®, Vice President and Regional Director of Legg Mason Asset Management.

Admission is free but space is limited.  Dinner provided.

Legg Mason, Botkin Family Wealth Management and LPL Financial are separate entities.



Our past client events have included:

Yes! You Can Raise Financially Aware Kids.  (May, 2018)

At Botkin Family Wealth Management, we know that your financial well-being is of the utmost importance to a happy, secure life.  And we know that you want the same for the young people you care about. During this program, we discussed what kids from preschoolers to teens need to know to be financially successful and how you can best share this important information with them at different ages.

Market Insights (February, 2018)

Botkin Family Wealth Management is proactive when it comes to addressing client concerns about the markets.  During this period of volatility, we gathered to offer perspective on the markets over time, what to expect moving forward, and to address questions and concerns.


Market Know-How: Insights and Implementation (November, 2017)

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed Sean Lally, Regional Director at Goldman Sachs, for a discussion of the markets and the economic outlook.


Understanding Retirement Health Care Expenses (March 2017)

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed guest speaker Ed Weingartner, Regional Vice President with Ohio National Financial Services, for a discussion about Medicare.  During this program, we learned about the different parts of Medicare, including what they cover and cost.  In this interactive presentation, we discussed factors to consider as you compare various plans, as well as the logistics of signing up for Medicare.  We reviewed case studies that illustrate how couples of various circumstances handle the cost of insurance during retirement.  


Botkin Family Wealth Management “Election Recap” conference call (November 2016)

The election is over!  During this client conference call we discussed the results, the market’s reaction and how to stay focused on your long term plan.


Risk Revision: Embracing risk as an opportunity (May 2016)

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed guest speaker John Manley, Chief Equity Strategist with Wells Fargo, for this informative and interactive presentation.

The way forward is to remember that risk can be an investment opportunity – though risk needs to be managed. By revising how you think about risk and opportunity, you have the potential to better align your investment decisions with your goals and gain confidence in your portfolio strategy. Mr. Manley discussed opportunities in world and U.S. economies and answered questions from our attendees.

See event details here.


Botkin Family Wealth Management “Market Matters” client conference call (January 2016)

During this period of market volatility, we understand that investors may have concerns and questions.  During this 30 minute call, we discussed the 2016 market outlook of our research analysts at LPL Financial and addressed questions and concerns.

Note: The economic forecasts set forth in the presentation may not develop as predicted and there can be no guarantee that strategies promoted will be successful.  Stocks and bonds strategies involve risks including the loss of principal. Alternative investment strategies carry a higher degree of risk.


SECURING YOUR RETIREMENT: A Special Seminar on Social Security at Atria’s Restaurant  (January 2016)

As you approach retirement, it is more important than ever to understand the role that social security benefits can play in your overall retirement income plan.  This program covered:

  • How social security benefits work for you and your spouse
  • When and how to start receiving social security benefits
  • Opportunities to increase your benefits throughout retirement

Botkin Family Wealth Management welcomed guest speaker Rob Kron, head of retirement education for Blackrock, to present this interactive and informative program.